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Thank you for your interest in the RAMP Program at PSU.

The RAMP program in its current form has been discontinued.

In its place, a non-credited program created by Oregon Music Technology School is being offered starting Fall, 2007 at PSU. This program has the same advanced music technology training as the RAMP program in a non-credit, non-academic format.

Like the RAMP Program, the MTS Seminars Program consists of six courses over two school years, and offers certification for those completing all six programs. No application is required, and courses may be taken individually. For more information on the MTS Seminars including a downloadable registration form, please visit this website:

--Click here for MTS Seminar information--

PSU will continue to offer its high quality music education, including some basic and intermediate music technology courses, to its music majors. For information on music technology offerings at PSU, please visit this website:

--Click here for PSU Music Technology Course offerings--

For information on music technology at PSU, feel free to contact at any time:

Jon Newton
PHONE: 503-725-3110

For information on the Music Department, contact:

PSU Department of Music
PO Box 751
Portland OR 97207
PHONE: 503-725-3011