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Summer 2015 PSU Course Sites

History of Rock Music (D2L)

Modern Music Technology (D2L)

Summer 2015 OMTS Course Sites

Introduction to the Recording Studio

Spring 2015 PSU Course Sites

Basic Materials III

MIDI Applications: Jazz Music Technology

Film Music

Spring 2015 OMTS Course Sites

Audio Recording Techniques

Digital Music Production

Winter 2015
PSU Course Sites

Basic Materials II

MIDI Applications:
Music Education Technology

Modern Music Technology

Winter 2015
OMTS Seminar Sites

MIDI Music Making

Digital Music Production

Fall 2014 PSU Course Sites

Basic Materials I

MIDI Applications: Music Composition Technology

History of Rock Music

Intro to Music Technology

Fall 2014 OMTS Course Sites

Audio Recording Techniques

MIDI Music Making

PSU Music Technology

Portland State University
School of Music

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